Dobermann (1997)


H-O-L-Y CRAP!!! This film is just insane. I had heard about it many moons ago, so I decided to have a look for myself. This film is too crazy, almost too much for words but I’m gonna try anyway.


It concerns a ruthless gang of armed robbers, who believe it or not are the good guys. The gang is headed up by Dobermann (played by the enigmatic Vincent Cassel). He is joined by his real life wife Monica Bellucci who plays his deaf girlfriend Nathalie. The gang commit a brutal and daring robbery in Paris, which just happens to bring them to the attention of the sadistic and amoral police officer Sauveur Cristini (played by the brilliant Tcheky Karyo). Cristini is told by his superiors to catch Dobermann by any means necessary. Cristini goes to brutal and borderline illegal lengths to carry out his task, culminating in a truly epic shoot out at a night club.


The action is just incredible. This film was described as ‘hyper-violent’ upon release and it really doesn’t disappoint. Everything is ramped up to 11, it’s like injecting speed straight into the brain. Everyone is on top form. Tcheky Karyo practically chews the scenery up whenever he is on screen. The intensity in which he plays Cristini is scary, he really is brilliant in the role. Cassel is fantastic as Dobermann. He strolls through the movie with a massive shit eating grin on his face, that you would follow him anywhere if you were in his gang. The action is kinetic and just bursts off the screen.


I have heard a rumour that a sequel is in the works. I really hope that is true because if the sequel is anything like this in terms of insanity and pure spectacle then we really are in for a treat. A film like Dobermann now would give cinema a much needed kick up the arse, the film screams originality. If you can get hold of it then I urge you to do so, it really is something else.




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