Gomorrah – Season 3 (2018)

After the brutal, gut wrenching denouement to season two, I was on tenterhooks to see how the third season would unfold.


Still reeling over the shocking murder of his daughter, Ciro (Marco D’Amore) has left Naples and relocated to Sofia, though his means of earning a living continue to be morally sketchy. Genny (Salvatore Esposito) has taken over his father’s affairs, after the latter’s death by Ciro’s hands, and continues to do things the way he sees fit rather than caving to pressure from others, with devastating consequences.


Scianel is released from prison and sets about clawing some lost power back, whilst Ciro battles his demons and returns to Naples, making new alliances and new enemies. He meets up with a new acquaintance called Enzo, nicknamed Blue Blood, a young hot-headed man with a gang of equally hot-headed friends. Enzo wants to reclaim the city he believes should be his by right, as his family has some history with the ruling power. Ciro sees something in Enzo that he likes, and decides to help him in his quest. However in doing so it causes problems with old friends, and creates some new enemies.


Gomorrah has been a powerhouse on television in its native Italy, and it is just as popular in the UK. The acting from everyone involved is top quality and each person’s arc progresses naturally, leaving you eager for more. Season three continues the trend of wrong footing the viewer, and is equally as brutally devastating as before.

Gomorrah S3 (14)

One of the finest crime sagas in history, and one I hope has many more seasons to come. Fantastic.


Season 3 of Gomorrah is released on 12th March, and is available to pre order now:





Nurse Betty (2000)


Betty Sizemore (Renee Zellweger) is a waitress at a local diner. She spends every moment she can watching her favourite soap opera and swooning over the main character Dr. David Ravell (Greg Kinnear). Betty is married to a sleazy used car salesman called Del (Aaron Eckhart). Del has been involved in a deal with some very shady people, and now two hitmen, Charlie (Morgan Freeman) and his son Wesley (Chris Rock) have come to pay him a visit.


When Betty witnesses the brutal murder of Del at the hands of Charlie and Wesley she goes into complete shock. She then starts to imagine that Dr. Ravell is real and wants to be with her. She travels to LA in her shocked state to be with Dr. Ravell, not realising that he’s just an actor in a TV show.


When Charlie and Wesley find out that Betty witnessed the murder, they follow her to LA knowing that she needs to be silenced. However along the way Charlie begins to develop a fascination for Betty and slowly falls for her. Also on Betty’s tail are two friends from her home town, Ballard (Pruitt Taylor-Vince) and Roy Ostery (Crispin Glover), who are worried for Betty’s state of mind. Betty’s journey for love takes some startling and humorous turns, one I thoroughly enjoyed. She meets some brilliantly outlandish people, who all fall for Betty in their own way.


Directed by Neil LaBute this is a blackly funny movie. It is at times startlingly violent, but still has a mischievous streak running throughout it. Everyone is on top form here. Even Chris Rock who usually gets on my nerves, is good in his role as the unhinged Wesley. I can wholeheartedly recommend this movie. There are many that have never heard of it when I ask them, but they become fans in the end. It is definitely worth a watch.




Very Bad Things (1998)


Stag night’s are a tradition that every man about to be married must undertake. Sometimes however they don’t go to plan, sometimes very bad things can happen. Kyle Fisher (Jon Favreau) is due to marry Laura Garrety (played by Cameron Diaz). His buddies Charles (Leland Orser), Michael (Jeremy Piven) and Adam (Daniel Stern) decide to take him to Vegas for a night out. The four guys head to Las Vegas for a night of drink, drugs and debauchery, all headed up by the borderline psychotic Robert Boyd (played to perfection by Christian Slater). Things go south however when Michael accidentally kills a prostitute whilst having sex. Rather than inform the authorities about the tragic accident, Boyd decides it will be better to cut up and get rid of the body instead. Things however, don’t go to plan.


Things go from bad to worse when hotel security attend the room the guys are staying in. Before any explanation can be given, Boyd kills the guard and the men are left with two bodies to get rid of. As the guys attempt to return to normality, things begin to spiral out of control as paranoia and fear sets in.


This film is the blackest of comedies. There are moments where you can’t believe you are laughing, but you find that you just can’t help it anyway. Christian Slater is fantastic as the insane Boyd, he steals every scene he is in with the fantastic delivery of his lines. It’s strange seeing Daniel Stern in a film like this after growing up watching him in Home Alone, he is great as the paranoid Adam, worrying the guys indiscretions will come to light. Jon Favreau is brilliant as the hen pecked Kyle, with Cameron Diaz brilliant as the selfish, spoilt Laura. Jeremy Piven is brilliant as the crazy, impulsive Michael and Leland Orser brings his neurotic shtick as Charles.


Peter Berg has been hit and miss when it comes to directing, with Hancock and Battleship being a waste of celluloid. He does well here and directs a wonderfully dark comedy that is well worth seeking out.




Dobermann (1997)


H-O-L-Y CRAP!!! This film is just insane. I had heard about it many moons ago, so I decided to have a look for myself. This film is too crazy, almost too much for words but I’m gonna try anyway.


It concerns a ruthless gang of armed robbers, who believe it or not are the good guys. The gang is headed up by Dobermann (played by the enigmatic Vincent Cassel). He is joined by his real life wife Monica Bellucci who plays his deaf girlfriend Nathalie. The gang commit a brutal and daring robbery in Paris, which just happens to bring them to the attention of the sadistic and amoral police officer Sauveur Cristini (played by the brilliant Tcheky Karyo). Cristini is told by his superiors to catch Dobermann by any means necessary. Cristini goes to brutal and borderline illegal lengths to carry out his task, culminating in a truly epic shoot out at a night club.


The action is just incredible. This film was described as ‘hyper-violent’ upon release and it really doesn’t disappoint. Everything is ramped up to 11, it’s like injecting speed straight into the brain. Everyone is on top form. Tcheky Karyo practically chews the scenery up whenever he is on screen. The intensity in which he plays Cristini is scary, he really is brilliant in the role. Cassel is fantastic as Dobermann. He strolls through the movie with a massive shit eating grin on his face, that you would follow him anywhere if you were in his gang. The action is kinetic and just bursts off the screen.


I have heard a rumour that a sequel is in the works. I really hope that is true because if the sequel is anything like this in terms of insanity and pure spectacle then we really are in for a treat. A film like Dobermann now would give cinema a much needed kick up the arse, the film screams originality. If you can get hold of it then I urge you to do so, it really is something else.