Drive (1997)


Drive is an action movie from the 90’s that i’m pretty sure not many people know about. It sat on video shop shelves looking like a multitude of other straight to DVD actioners, but this my fellow fiends is another beast altogether. It’s an action movie that get’s straight into things and stays that way till the denouement.


It starts off with a man called Toby Wong (played by the underrated Mark Dacascos). Toby is speical. He has in his a chest a turbo charged heart (stay with me here), which can give him incredible speed and strength. Toby is trying to get to L.A I believe, to give his turbo heart to a company that want to study it. In return Toby will get a new heart and $5 million dollars. Taken along for this wild ride is Malik Brody (played by Kadeem Hardison). Malik is initially taken hostage, but then told by Toby that he will split the money with Malik if he will “just drive”. Hot on their heels are two inept mercenaries who have been tasked by the turbo hearts creator to get Toby, or just the heart, back by any means necessary.


The fight scenes in this movie are just amazing. As it’s also directed by Steve Wang who directed ‘Guyver: Dark Hero’ which I reviewed a couple of days back, he has gotten the same stunt team in to choreograph the fights. Mark Dacascos leaps over cars, runs up walls, and roundhouses anything in his way, it really must be seen. He whizzes about the screen with such gusto that it really is a shame he hasn’t been in more well known action movies. Also along for the ride is the late Brittany Murphy who plays a very unhinged motel owner that becomes attached to our duo.


The acting can be cheesy in places, particularly a cringe worthy karaoke scene with Mark Dacascos, but I feel it kind of adds to the movies charm. It really is worth a watch. It flew under a lot of people’s radar, but friends i’ve shown it to love it, i’m pretty sure you guys will do. I’d be interested to hear anyone’s comments below once they’ve seen it, good or bad.




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