Guyver: Dark Hero (1994)


I really love this movie. This slots nicely into my guilty pleasure file, something you may see on TV at night, that you may not normally give a second glance to. That’s why I’m here, to put these movies on your radar and show you movies you may have missed.


It begins with Sean Barker (played by David Hayter of Metal Gear Solid Fame) who has been living with an alien armour inside his body called the Guyver unit. The Guyver unit can completely cover Sean’s body with armour which he uses to fight evil. However someone else wants the Guyver unit. A corporation called Kronos want the unit for themselves. Kronos are a group of aliens called Zoanoids, masquerading as human, who attack the innocent. Sean finds out about an archaeological dig in the mountains that has uncovered a cave full of symbols similar to the ones he has been dreaming about. He heads to the dig site for answers, not realising that Kronos are also aware of the site.


I should mention that technically this is the second live action Guyver movie, based on the popular Manga series. The first movie is called Mutronics here in the UK and The Guyver in the US I believe. Now the reason I dove straight into this movie rather than review the first one, and then this one is actually for a few reasons. To begin with, it’s the better of the two movies. The choreography in Mutronics is a lot slower than what we have in this movie. The acting from Mark Hamill who stars, isn’t the greatest.  The director, Steve Wang, definitely made a much better movie second time out.


He got David Hayter to play Sean Barker/The Guyver, who is actually not a bad actor it should be said. The music from Les Claypool III is also brilliant, very tense, and it fits brilliantly into the movie. However, where Steve Wang really focussed was the choreography. He got in a fantastic stunt team that put together some mindblowing fights. The final battle for me where the Guyver takes on the Zoanoids is just awesome. Whoever the stuntman is that is in the Guyver costume is just an amazing fighter.

I’d recommend this to anyone. Sure the effects can be a tad cheesy, but for something that has been made on a moderate budget you could sure do a lot worse!




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