The Fury (1978)

the fury 1

Well I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The movie opens with Peter Sandza (played by Kirk Douglas who was 61 at the time) and his son Robin in the Middle East. Robin has special powers and Peter’s friend Ben wants to help Robin nurture his power. However Ben betrays Peter by trying to have him killed so he can turn Robin into a weapon, leaving it up to Peter to save his son. The story also involves a girl called Gillian who has powers similar to Robin, but is worried how dangerous they are and seeks help from an institute.


I really enjoyed this. Everyone is on top form, with small parts for Charles Durning who is always a joy to watch. There’s even a very small cameo for Daryl Hannah. However the story did stutter along at times, almost leaping from one scenario to the next, but did nothing to hamper my enjoyment of the film.


The transfer from Arrow Films (overseen by James White) is exquisite. The clarity is amazing and the sound is just brilliant. This copy of The Fury was graciously provided by the kind folks over at The movie is due for release on October 28th and you can pre-order your copy today from




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