Escape Plan (2013)


Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) and his business partner Lester Clark (Vincent D’Onofrio) run a company which tests prisons all across America. Ray is put into various prisons and exposes their weaknesses and escapes, thus helping future prisons to be designed so that they are escape proof. Ray is asked by the CIA to test out a new super max prison. The prison is designed to hold the most dangerous terrorists still waiting to be interrogated by the government.


Ray agrees to take the job,and within a day is bound and gagged to be transported to the new prison. There Ray meets the sadistic Warden Hobbes (Jim Caviezel), who duly informs Ray that he will not be leaving the prison. Ray is told that someone has paid good money to ensure he never sees the light of day again. Whilst in prison, Ray meets a man called Rottmayer (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who tells Ray that Hobbes has been keeping him in prison as Rottmayer has information on the whereabouts of someone who could rock the financial world.


Together Ray and Rottmayer hatch a plan to escape the prison. Seeking the help of other prisoners and the prison doctor, Dr. Kyrie (Sam Neill), they come up with a way to escape and bring the prison down. There are bit parts for Vinnie Jones who plays a sadistic prison guard, and also Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson who plays a computer tech, looking to help find out where Ray has been taken. The story is not nearly as ingenious as it thinks it is. It has some clever moments, like when Ray escapes the prison at the start of the movie, but for the most part it feels very tame. Arnie is still finding his feet after being out of the acting game for so long, and looks uncomfortable in some scenes. Stallone is also a bit wooden, but it’s Stallone so he gets a pass. Jim Caviezel is wonderfully as the hammy almost camp Warden Hobbes. He delivers his lines with understated menace and seems to be having a blast.


Folks like 50 Cent and Vincent D’Onofrio feel wasted in the small roles they have, and don’t really have much to do. There is also the obligatory scene in which Arnie holds a massive machine gun, which happens so often it feels like it’s a clause in his contract. The action is so-so, but the setting means there’s not as much as you’d expect when two action titans meet. Overall however it is worth a watch, and is perfect beer and pizza fodder.





Yo Adrian….I did it!

I just adore this statue of Rocky from Sideshow. It is amazing in how well they capture that worn look of a statue that’s gone the distance. Just wonderful!

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>Rocky Rocky Balboa Resin Rocky Statue</a


D-Tox (2002)


This was one of the movies made when Stallone was still languishing in DTV hell, before he decided to do Rocky Balboa and put a rocket up the arse of his career. That being said, I really like this movie. Sylvester Stallone plays FBI agent Jake Malloy. Jake has been chasing a serial killer that has been murdering cops for a long time. He gets close to apprehending the killer on a job but the killer gets away. By way of punishment the killer kills Jake’s wife in the same manner that he has been murdering his other victims. Jake becomes so distraught at the loss of his wife that he starts to drink heavily and then tries to commit suicide, however he is found in and time and given medical treatment.


Jakes friend Hendricks (Charles S. Dutton) thinks it would be a good idea for Jake to get some help in overcoming his alcohol addiction and also the loss of his wife. He is sent to a rehab clinic for law enforcement officers, run by Doc (Kris Kristofferson), who tells Jake that his centre is the best place for Jake to be. However Jakes peace and tranquillity is shattered when a patient is murdered in an apparent suicide. Jake recognises the method used in the murder and realises that the killer has assumed the identity of someone at the centre, determined to cause more suffering to Jake. Jake must try and find out who the killer is before anyone else is murdered.


I dig this movie. It is a brilliant slasher film and does a very good job of keeping the killers identity a secret. It’s quite strange to see Stallone in a movie of this ilk, but a very refreshing change too as I feel he doesn’t do enough of these movies. The supporting cast is fantastic too. You have great actors like Robert Patrick, Stephen Lang, Jeffrey Wright, Christopher Fulford, Courtney B. Vance and the late, great Robert Prosky.


There are some great scares and brilliant gore. The film begins quite tense, slows down for a bit then slowly begins to ratchet up the tension again. Stallone is on top form and so is everyone else. It’s directed by Jim Gillespie who also directed ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. It’s well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it, perfect friday night chiller to watch with the lights off.