Hot Toys First Order Jakku Stormtrooper – Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive (2017)

Straight away, you can see the reason Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are so sought after. Everything about both companies just shows you that the people who make these wonderful collectibles, are just as a much of a fan as we are. 

Everything is squared away so neatly that it’s almost a shame to disturb it. It’s like I want to savour it and not let it be tainted by outside air. It’s very well protected too, and I’ve yet to hear of anyone who purchases a sixth scale figure, receiving it damaged.

The detail is nothing short of incredible. Honestly I cannot believe it. Under the white armour, there’s a faux leather that covers the hips and thighs. You can remove sections of the armour with ease, and replace it just as easily too. The stitching around the shoulder harness is immaculate and really well put together. 

The backpack is magnetic and clicks on with ease. No awkward shoving into holes like the G.I. Joe toys of old, which is a nice change. The sculpting on the Stormtrooper is spot on, and it looks exactly like it does in the movies. Everything about the armour is immaculate, and the brilliant white just glisten. 

Included with the stormtrooper are a small laser pistol and rifle, plus binoculars. The binoculars can fold away and the rifle has a buttstock that can be altered. There are 3 pairs of hands plus the ones that are on the stormtrooper. They allow you to have clenched fists, hold the guns or binoculars, or just have open palms.

The base has wonderful detail, and two indents where the stormtrooper can place his feet. The plaque is a nice touch too. 

I would like to thank the wonderful folks at for providing me this item to review. It is available to order now with free shipping inside the U.S. To order click on the link below:

Jonathan McEvoy 

Stan Lee 1/6 scale figure from Hot Toys

Wow. Just look at the sculpt on this awesome 1/6 scale figure of comic book legend Stan Lee. Available to pre order now on the link below via Sideshow Collectibles:
Stan Lee Stan Lee Stan Lee Sixth Scale Figure

Hot Toys and Sideshow have always been at the top of the table when it comes to scale figures and busts. This really is an uncanny likeness of Stan Lee and it is available at a great price. 



Battle Damaged RoboCop by Hot Toys

“Come quietly, or there will be….trouble.” From a movie that is endlessly quotable, comes a stunning 1/6 scale figure that is equally memorable for all the right reasons. Fresh out of the box it is plain to see why Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are the head honchos when it comes to making high end figures and statues. The detail is incredible, from the face sculpt which perfectly captures every nuance of Peter Weller’s likeness, to RoboCop’s battle scarred suit, it really is second to none. 



Every single blemish and burn that RoboCop suffers throughout the movie, is perfectly replicated on this figure. There were so many times that I was scanning the figure where my jaw literally dropped at the astounding level of detail that has been put into this release. Firstly you get three jars of baby food, that if you remember, RoboCop uses for target practice near the end of the movie. The leg holster works a dream and can fit the handgun no problem. Though to be specific you get two handguns, one of which goes in the leg. One is die cast and is too heavy to be held in RoboCop’s hand, so that goes in the leg holster. The other is light plastic, with a sliding barrel and removable clip that has tiny bullets in it. You also get the big rifle that RoboCop uses to dispatch ED-209 with at the end of the movie. This also has a removable clip and a sliding bolt action at the side. 


There are interchangeable hands for RoboCop too. You have a closed fist for both the left and right hand. You also have open palms for each hand with moveable fingers which can be fixed round the gun. Also for the right hand is the metal spike that RoboCop uses for the computers and also which he uses to kill Clarence. It’s covered in blood which is a nice touch. The base is very sturdy and has a nice polished sheen to it. The box is also beatifully designed, which just shows that nothing is left out in Hot Toys’ strive for perfection. 


This really is a work of art. Like I said everything is done to perfection and the detail is just astounding. This RoboCop figure was generously provided for review by the kind folks at It is now available for pre order and you can do so by clicking on the following link: Stay tuned to for more toy reviews in the future. 




Captain Rex ‘Phase II Armour’ from Sideshow Collectibles. 


As you can see in the above picture, even Captain Rex gives this the thumbs up. What a stunning release this is from the very talented folks over at Sideshow Collectibles. The detail is astounding. There were two releases of Captain Rex, with the first release having him in pristine white armour, and not the battle worn armour you can see in the pictures. That said, I have to say I prefer this one. I love the scuffs and scratches all over his armour. I also like the little notches on his wrists that show you how many enemies he has killed. 


The notches are also etched onto the base, which also details Captain Rex’s regiment. Captain Rex can be seen in The Clone Wars series. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in the series, but has the likeness of actor Temuera Morrison who played Jango Fett in the movies, well I think so anyway. 


 The head and helmet are interchangeable, but can be a bit fiddly in places. I struggled to fit the head on securely, but the helmet fits on no problem. When I took the Jetpack out of the packaging I did wonder how on earth it would clip on, as there wasn’t any noticeable bits sticking out. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that it’s magnetised, and actually clips on very nicely. 


You get two pistols which can be holstered on Captain Rex’s waist. You also get a very nice blaster rifle which has an underslung shoulder stock. Also included are two grenades and several pairs of interchangeable hands which really add character to the piece. The artists and sculptors at Sideshow really have produced a fine piece here, which will definitely sit proudly amongst my other sixth scale figures. If you are intersted in this figure and would like you get your own, then pop along to, where it is available for a very, very reasonable price. Believe me. 


I want to thank the fine folks over at for their generosity in providing this figure for review. It’s thanks to them that I can bring you these fine items to review. Stay tuned for more great toy reviews. 





Hot Toys Tonto from The Lone Ranger


The Lone Ranger movie for me, was one of the best times I’d had watching a movie last year. It got a lot of shit, and I don’t know why. It was fun, thrilling and had a great cast. So when Sideshow Collectibles offered me the chance to review this Tonto 1/6 figure from Hot Toys, I jumped at the chance. Both Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles just scream quality in whatever they turn their hands to. This Tonto figure is no different. The attention to detail is astonishing once again.

20140911_121405 20140911_121417

Firstly, the likeness of Johnny Depp is absolutely spot on. The detail is so fine, you can even see the cracks in the paint on Tonto’s face, just as it is in the movie. The hair is immaculate looking and you can pretty much pose Tonto how you like, such is the amount of articulation on the figure. Some folks probably wonder why I choose to type toy reviews rather than video them. Well if you had seen me attempt to unbox Tonto and remove all of the carefully placed bits of plastic stuck to him then you would know. It was a nightmare. But saying that, it was necessary in order to make sure the figure was well protected, so I shouldn’t protest too much.

20140911_121651 20140911_121955

It really is such a well designed piece. Even though you can pose the figure how you’d like, it is still very sturdy. That’s down to the skill of the sculptors and artists who put their all into making these toys. Such is the care and attention to these toys, that even the boxes they come in are stunning to look at also. The neon orange font on the Tonto box is vibrant and really stands out, I was lost for a moment just staring at the box, before I had even taken the figure out.

20140911_122758 20140911_123115

I must send my deepest thanks to the wonderfully generous Jennifer over at Sideshow Collectibles, who makes it possible for me to review these fabulous items for you to enjoy. You can still purchase your very own Tonto, which is available for a very good price by clicking this link I hope you have enjoyed reading about this wonderful piece, and please check back soon for more toy reviews.




Hot Toys ‘Evil Superman’ from Superman III.


Ok before I start, please excuse the carpet in some of the pictures. I was so excited to hold this magnificent piece that I just opened that bad boy out on the living room floor and started snapping away. This is just a stunningly detailed figure. Folks who know toys and collectibles, know that Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are the absolute mac daddies when it comes to these items. Both companies employ sculpture artists of the highest order. Because they expect the best from their artists, they deliver the best to their customers.


I was debating whether to go with a video review or pictures and text. I decided with the latter because firstly you don’t wanna hear me mumble through describing the awesomeness of this toy as it’s plain to see. Secondly my strengths lie in writing and hopefully taking pictures which compliment the toy itself.


The toy comes in a massive box. First you have a lovely plastic sleeve which slips off the box. The box as a magnetised flap at the front which lets you look at this beauty behind plastic, should you decide to leave it in it’s box. Personally I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of holding this in my hands. The stand it comes with is amazingly sturdy. It’s done as crushed concrete which is almost something you’d expect to accompany an Iron Man toy. It’s all done with incredible detail however. There’s even a nice little silver sign at the front of it which tells you it’s Superman.


You get a plastic pole and clamp which is used to hold Superman in a flying position or hovering position. You also get two extra sets of hands (open palm and slighly open), plus two extra clips for the hands.  The quality of Superman’s costume and cape is amazing. It’s soft to the touch but captures every detail perfectly. As it’s the Evil Superman from the movie Superman III, his cape and costume are a darker shade of red and blue. He also has a slight 5 0’clock shadow adorning his face, to really drive home his evilness. The likeness to Christopher Reeve is uncanny. The artists at Hot Toys have captured it perfectly. This really is the closest you’ll get to the brilliance that was Reeve as Superman.


My buddy suggested that I rotate Superman every week from flying to standing and so on. Mainly because I just can’t decide what I want Superman to be doing. This truly is a work of art. Some folk like going to museums to look at paintings. I however can sit and stare at this all day. Studying every detail and nuance it displays.


If you are a Superman fan, Hot Toys fan or Sideshow Collectible fan then you owe it to yourself to seek this figure down and give it pride of place upon your mantle. It truly is a remarkable display in artistry. This Evil Superman toy was graciously provided by the fine folk over at Sideshow Collectibles. Should you want to pick one up for yourself, then head straight over to and get one while stocks last.




“Your suit is ready Master Bruce.”

Available via is this stunningly detailed Batman armoury from Hot Toys. Hot Toys put so much effort into these models that it is nothing short of astonishing. Click the link below for pictures and info on where you can acquire one for yourself.

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>DC Comics Batman Armory with Batman DC Comics Sixth Scale Figure</a>


Here comes Herman!

I love The Munsters, from the catchy theme tune to the creepy costumes, I’ve always loved it. So I was jazzed to see that Sideshow Collectibles are stocking this baby, and at a reasonable price too. Snap it up before someone else does and then sells them at a hike. Order yours today from

<a href=”; target=”_blank”>The Munsters Herman Munster The Munsters Maquette</a>