Tremors (1990)


Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) are two handy men who live in the small, quiet town of Perfection. They get by doing odd jobs, but after one nasty accident involving sewage, they decide it’s time to move on to pastures new. However something is under the ground, something large and very hungry. When people begin to disappear or are found dead, Val and Earl begin to investigate what exactly is going on. Together with seismologist Rhonda (Finn Carter), they discover that there are large, subterranean worms living underground. These large worms can detect the smallest sound and have decided to call the town of Perfection their hunting ground.


Realising that trying to escape is out of the question, the townsfolk decide to tackle these worms, or Graboids as Walter (Victor Wong) calls them. Together with local gun nut Burt (Michael Gross) and his wife Heather (Reba McIntire), Val and Earl begin to formulate a plan on distracting and dispatching the deadly threat.


This for me, is one of my all time favourite movies. It has everything. Action, comedy, horror, some excellent lines and is just an all out joy to watch. I have seen this many times since it’s release and it never gets old. The sequel (Tremors 2) was also worth watching, and I will do a review of that in due course. However I would say to steer clear of Tremors 3 & 4 as they are dire. For me this is one of Kevin Bacon’s best roles. He brings warmth and heart to a role that would have probably just been a one dimensional hick in the hands of a lesser actor. Fred Ward is also hilarious as the gruff Earl Bassett. You can see there was some great chemistry between him and Kevin Bacon as it really shines through in the film. I also loved Michael Gross as the gun obsessed Burt Gummer, however I wish he had of given up the role after Tremors 2 as he really just phones it in in the later sequels and subsequent TV series.


Like I said it’s one of my absolute favourite movies, and is definitely worth a watch. If you have never seen it then you owe it to yourself as a film fan to get it and watch it. It is a classic in every sense of the word and is perfect entertainment for a Saturday night with a drink and some popcorn. Seriously, get it.





Southern Comfort (1981)


A weekend of training exercises turns into a frantic fight for survival when a group of National Guardsmen anger the local Cajun’s in the swamps of Louisiana. They are led out by Poole (Peter Coyote) who is taking them down to the swamps for some serious Army exercises, getting them ready should they ever be needed. Things go awry however when they steal some canoes to help them get down the river. Whilst inside the canoes, one of the men thinks it funny to shoot blank bullets at some Cajun fishermen, not realising the dreadful events they have set in motion.


With no live ammunition to aid them, then group of men find themselves fighting for their lives. Hunted by the locals in a terrain they have no knowledge of, the men are picked off one at a time and must learn to work together if they have any hope of coming out alive. However some of the men let fear and panic take over, making it harder for them to work as a group.


Two of the men Spencer (Keith Carradine) and Hardin (Powers Boothe) seem to bet the only two guardsmen who realise the magnitude of the situation the men find themselves in. This film was viewed as an allegory on Vietnam on it’s release. Directed by the brilliant Walter Hill (The Warriors), it showed that the same lack of respect the Americans showed the Vietnamese, is the same thing that will get these National Guardsmen killed if they don’t treat the Cajun’s with respect.


This is a riveting piece of cinema. I remember first watching it with my Dad and just loving it. It was nail bitingly tense and the cast were amazing. There are a lot of recognisable faces in the supporting cast and it’s fun spotting who’s who. This is well worth a watch.