Neon Genesis Evangelion – UK Blu Ray Release (2021)

I always considered myself a huge anime fan, with Ninja Scroll, Akira, Perfect Blue and Fist of the North Star being some of my favourites. But I always found I never had the time to take it all in. I had always meant to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, but as with everything, life got in […]

Black Sails Season 1-4 Steelbook Unboxing

Wow. What a stunning steelbook set this is. Coming in two separate steelbooks, each one containing two seasons, this is a magnificent set that would be a treasure in anyone’s collection. Housed in a lovely plastic slip cover, the steelbooks are glorious to look at, the artwork alone has been lovingly applied and advertises that […]

Stung (2015)

   Julie (Jessica Cook) and Paul (Matt O’Leary) are on their way out to the American countryside to cater a fancy party. However things take a turn for the sinister when a wasp nest is disturbed and the partygoers are set upon by giant mutated wasps.     The wasps tear through the party, forcing some […]