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The awesome Assault on Precinct 13 is getting another exclusive release from the folks over at Cine Museum. Below are pictures of all the available editions and a link to purchase. This will be the first exclusive from Cine Museum, with more titles to follow in the coming months.

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Have you ever been browsing Amazon or Zavvi looking for a movie from your childhood, but you just can’t find it? Or maybe you’ve stumbled across some cult weirdness late one night on Channel 4, and you’re wondering where you can get a copy? Well look no further folks. I am pleased to point you to a site where nearly all your cult pleasures can be found. 

Twisted Anger is a site chock full of hard to get movies. There are movies that even I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing on there. Want a DVD of Michael Mann’s ‘The Keep’? Then head on over to where you can acquire that and much more, it really is a treasure trove of cult greatness folks. 


Housebound (2014)


Kylie Bucknell (Morgana O’Reilly) is sent to stay with her mum for six months under house arrest by the courts when she is caught attempting to steal from an ATM. Her mum Miriam (Rima Te Wiata) is well meaning and wants to try and make Kylie’s stay a good one. Kylie’s attitude is far from sociable however, which only makes the atmosphere in the house worse. Things begin to take a sinister turn when Kylie begins to hear strange noises in the house. Not only that, but things are going missing and Kylie’s mum thinks the house may be haunted.


With the help her probation officer and amateur paranormal investigator, Amos (Glen-Paul Waru), they discover that the house used to be a hostel for mentally disturbed people, and that someone was murdered there years ago. Believing the source of the noises to be a malevolent spirit Kylie and Amos seek to remove it, however the truth it would seem is far stranger.


Really to say any more would spoil the gem of a double twist this movie has going on. I had heard a lot about this and I must say I was blown away by how good it was. It was without a doubt my film of 2014. The cast are all excellent in their respective roles, and the script is top notch. The characters themselves are all very well rounded and impeccably written. There is humour and warmth amongst the action and scares and it all makes for a stellar movie.


I want to be careful I don’t oversell this, but I just can’t help myself. It’s very rare now in the days of shitty reboots and remakes that we get something that on the face of it seems like well trodden ground, but instead delivers one of the freshest pieces of cinema in a long time. I think it’s safe to say you’ll like this.




Black Water Vampire (2014)


Investigating the crimes of alleged serial killer Raymond Banks (Bill Oberst Jr.), four friends find a lot more than they bargained for. Every ten years, the bodies of lone females have been found butchered, lying in the woods. The man arrested and charged for the murders was Raymond Banks, however Danielle Mason (Danielle Lozeau) believes that he was coerced into making a confession, and that all is not as it seems. Together with 3 others, they head into the woods and down to Black Water Creek to find out what really took place.


This film plays out very similar to The Blair Witch Project, the grandaddy of all found footage movies. You have the obligatory banging at the side of the tent, plus the ominous signs being painted on the trees. For the most part this film is reasonable enough. The acting and production values are quite good. However with Blair Witch, it’s strength’s lay in not revealing the hidden menace in the woods.


Sadly in Black Water Vampires case, they just can’t resist showing you what is the cause of all the trouble. Which is sadly it’s undoing. I always say that the unknown is scarier, as it lets your mind conjure up something far more terrifying than what is eventually shown. Keeping the monster hidden and just out of focus would have done a lot more for this movie. It would have given it a far more tense feel and could only have been a good thing.


Though it’s not for the want of trying. Everyone one of the main cast give it a good go, but it just isn’t enough. The reveal of the vampire is a bit of a let down. It doesn’t make you jump at any time during the movie, and for some strange reason is out in the daylight too. Sadly Black Water Vampire just can’t create the scares it so desperately seeks. The ending does come out of left field but just doesn’t do it. It tries to give the movie a Twin Peaks vibe that doesn’t quite fit. It’s not a terrible movie, but it’s just not that great either. Worth a watch if there is nothing else on.




Order of the Ram (2013)

This short movie written and directed by Scott Lyus starts off quite innocent enough. We see Mary (May Kaspar) a college student going about her day as normal. However others seem to have taken an interest in Mary that she is not aware about. Whilst out photographing the wildlife, Mary is attacked and wakes up bound and in the presence of a cult. The cult, led by Mother (Danni Scott-White) are convinced that Mary is the chosen one that has the blood capable of bringing forth the Prince of Darkness, or Satan to you and me. To say any more would spoil it.


Whenever someone asks me if I’d like the good news or the bad news first, I always opt for the bad. So let’s get the bad out of the way first here. The worst thing about this short is the actress who plays Mother, pictured above. The fact that the exposition must be delivered by her, and that the majority of the dialogue must be delivered by her is what cripples this short film. My advice to Danni Scott-White would be to seek another profession, if indeed acting is a full time thing. Her script delivery is toe curlingly bad. So much so that I was close to ending the film there and then. I didn’t find her character convincing or menacing. She almost kills the film dead in it’s tracks. The other bad thing, and it’s a small thing really, is the gore. I understand it’s a short and the budget is small, but surely the budget can stretch to some fake blood or corn syrup, and not what appears to be Tabasco sauce poured down someone’s neck?


Now for the good. Firstly the cinematography by Sharad Patel is very good indeed. The camera work is just fabulous and captures the scenery very well. The script and direction by Scott Lyus is fabulous too. The film itself has a real ‘Wicker Man’ vibe about it. I do hope that this short leads to a feature film. However I would definitely consider recasting one or two people if it is made into a feature. Scott Lyus shows promise in his direction and I for one am eager to see what he has up his sleeve next.




PIN (1988)


Well what a strange film this was. This psycho-sexual thriller directed by Sandor Stern who has languished in ‘TV movie hell’ since is a mixed bag. It starts off promising enough. We have a couple Dr Linden, played by the brilliant Terry O’Quinn (Millennium, Lost) and his wife played by Brownen Mantel (Gothika). Dr Linden is a brilliant man who has a medical dummy called ‘Pin’, short for Pinocchio, which he uses to teach his young patients important facts via ventriloquism. He has two children, Leon and Ursula. Leon seems to think Pin is real, however Ursula knows better. As they get older Leon begins to talk to Pin, which has strange effects on his mental health. So much so that he’ll do anything for Pin….even kill.


The acting is so so. One one hand you have Terry O’Quinn who plays Dr Linden, and David Hewlett who plays Leon who hold their own. Then you have bit players like John Pyper-Ferguson who plays Ursula’s boyfriend Stan Fraker, who really doesn’t know what he’s doing. The story is ok, with the odd scare, and the voice of ‘Pin’ is wonderfully creepy.


Some things really grate however. One bit in particular when Dr Linden catches Leon talking to Pin. His reaction afterwards suggests there is something seriously wrong, which I felt is never touched on, or maybe I was just not paying attention. The extras on the DVD amount to just a theatrical trailer.


This copy of PIN was graciously provided by the generous folks over at You can pre-order your copy now from The movie is released on DVD on October 28th.