Trailer for the UK release of ‘The Fearway’.

‘The Fearway’ is a thriller in the vein of ‘Duel’ and ‘Jeepers Creepers’. A young couple are tormented on the freeway by a masked driver in a black car, hellbent on keeping them on the road. Check out the trailer below. ‘The Fearway’ is available to buy from 13th February. JM

The Spine of Night (2021)

Tzod (Lucy Lawless), a high priestess from a jungle based tribe, goes on a journey to destroy an unholy power that has plunged the world into darkness. The Spine of Night boasts an impressive array of actors, such as Richard E. Grant, Parton Oswalt, Lucy Lawless and Joe Manganiello…to name but a few. It’s an […]

Scare Me (2020) – UK Blu Ray Review

Fred Banks (Josh Reuben) is a struggling writer/actor who retreats to a cabin in the woods to write his new story. However, writer’s block and a power outage stop him in his plans. He meets a fellow writer, albeit a more successful one, Fanny (Aya Cash) who is also staying in a cabin nearby. Fanny […]