I, The Jury (1982)

After his old war buddy is gunned down, private detective Mike Hammer (Armand Assante) seeks vengeance. However as Hammer investigates, he finds that this is more than a case of simple murder. 

As the investigation deepens, Mike and his gorgeous secretary Velda (the stunning Laurene Landon), find out that the government are involved and are using mind control to create assassins with the help of a sexual therapy clinic. It’s a bit crazy, but a lot of fun. 


Based on the character from the novel by Mickey Spillane, this is hard boiled noir at its finest. Full of sex, violence and great lines, this is the sort of movie that just isn’t made anymore. Armand Assante was born to play Mike Hammer. He delivers every line with relish and you can tell he is having fun with the role. Laurene Landon is great as Mike’s faithful secretary, who is not just a pretty face but also gets her hands dirty, and it’s probably the best role I’ve seen her in apart from Maniac Cop 2. The supporting cast also includes Paul Sorvino as a cop, who is or isn’t helping Hammer, and cameos by Alan King and Geoffrey Lewis. 

The action is top notch and there are some great stunts. There is also tons of sex and nudity if that’s your thing. I have to say I really enjoyed this and it’s one I’ll definitely watch again. Highly recommended. 




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