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The rebirth of horror!


Calling all horror and comic geeks. This is something you will definitely want to get behind. The two very talented folks in the picture above, Lars Kramhoft and Tom Kristensen, are the folks behind this new graphic novel now looking for support on Kickstarter. Evil Jester Comics will be releasing this fantastic book in the US, but needs the support of comic fans everywhere to make it happen. If you do pledge your support, then you will get a kick ass hardback collection of horror stories as a thank you. Trust me folks, I’ve read Made Flesh and it’s definitely one for the ages. You will want to get in on this. Hit the link below and show some love. Many thanks.



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2 responses to “The rebirth of horror!

  1. jernacc

    Looks great, and nice job spreading the word. The horror community needs to band together to make projects like this happen.

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