Hot Toys Tonto from The Lone Ranger


The Lone Ranger movie for me, was one of the best times I’d had watching a movie last year. It got a lot of shit, and I don’t know why. It was fun, thrilling and had a great cast. So when Sideshow Collectibles offered me the chance to review this Tonto 1/6 figure from Hot Toys, I jumped at the chance. Both Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles just scream quality in whatever they turn their hands to. This Tonto figure is no different. The attention to detail is astonishing once again.

20140911_121405 20140911_121417

Firstly, the likeness of Johnny Depp is absolutely spot on. The detail is so fine, you can even see the cracks in the paint on Tonto’s face, just as it is in the movie. The hair is immaculate looking and you can pretty much pose Tonto how you like, such is the amount of articulation on the figure. Some folks probably wonder why I choose to type toy reviews rather than video them. Well if you had seen me attempt to unbox Tonto and remove all of the carefully placed bits of plastic stuck to him then you would know. It was a nightmare. But saying that, it was necessary in order to make sure the figure was well protected, so I shouldn’t protest too much.

20140911_121651 20140911_121955

It really is such a well designed piece. Even though you can pose the figure how you’d like, it is still very sturdy. That’s down to the skill of the sculptors and artists who put their all into making these toys. Such is the care and attention to these toys, that even the boxes they come in are stunning to look at also. The neon orange font on the Tonto box is vibrant and really stands out, I was lost for a moment just staring at the box, before I had even taken the figure out.

20140911_122758 20140911_123115

I must send my deepest thanks to the wonderfully generous Jennifer over at Sideshow Collectibles, who makes it possible for me to review these fabulous items for you to enjoy. You can still purchase your very own Tonto, which is available for a very good price by clicking this link I hope you have enjoyed reading about this wonderful piece, and please check back soon for more toy reviews.




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