Edmond (2005)


An encounter with a tarot card reader leaves Edmond (William H Macy) questioning his life, sending him spiralling out of control. After being told by the fortune teller “You are not where you belong”, Edmond goes home and tells his wife that their marriage is over. However this is only the first of many drastic events that Edmond finds himself in as he struggles to understand the meaning of his life.


Edmond first seeks solace in a bar where he meets a gentleman who listens to his woes and offers him some advice. Then finding himself seeking the company of prostitutes to give him some sort of pleasure, but growing frustrated when it doesn’t offer him the release he seeks. As Edmond further explores the city he finds himself in more dangerous situations, eventually leading to murder.


Based on stage play also written by screenwriter David Mamet, Edmond is a dark trip in to the mind of a man who has struggled to find meaning in a world he fears has none. Edmond seems to just want someone to listen and understand, but he looks for it in all the wrong places. The film is directed by Stuart Gordon who likes to deviate from the Lovecraft style horror from time to time, and he does well here. I must admit that the film did shock me when I first saw it, as the violence Edmond delivers to one woman was shockingly brutal.


William H Macy is always worth watching and I find he is an incredibly diverse actor who can play roles you never thought him capable. I know many will not have heard of this movie, and for those that have I want to say don’t believe the bad write ups, and make your own minds up. The movie also features small supporting roles from Mena Suvari, Julia Stiles, Denise Richards and even a cameo from Jeffrey Combs. I highly recommend it.




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