What Monsters Do (2012)


Well. Allow me to catch my breath, such is the speed at which these tales unfurl. I have to say my hands are still a mite clammy. With this, his first collection, Nicholas Vince as shown what a dab hand he is at wringing tension from situations that you can imagine would be scary, but not like this. From the first story (Family Tree), where blood ties are put to the test, to the last tale (The Beast In Beauty), a tale of Satanism and almost overbearing sensuality.


Well will know Nicholas Vince from his role in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser movies as the ‘Chatterer Cenobite’. A character which cements itself in movie folklore with his scarred visage all mangled and bloody, with the teeth constantly making that sound. Another iconic role, which I’m sure many will agree, was Nicholas’ role as Kinski in Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed’. The crescent moon shaped face another eye catching design which stays with you.


However, I am so glad that the talented actor Nicholas Vince, has now decided to also become the talented author and playwright Nicholas Vince. Going to show that you can never have enough splendid feathers in your cap. The collection of short stories in ‘What Monsters Do’ leave such an impression on me that I have already started devouring his second collection called ‘Other People’s Darkness’. The review of that will follow soon. I urge everyone to seek a copy of this wonderful collection out, it is the perfect reading material for bedtime, the journey to work or even just reading a short story on your tea break. Folks who read my reviews of movies and books will know I do not blow smoke up people’s arse, and that I am brutally honest. So it’s worth knowing that I truly enjoyed these macabre tales, and recommend them to everyone. I would like to thank the wonderful Nicholas Vince for graciously providing me with a copy of the book, which is now available via Amazon UK in Kindle or paperback.





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