Sparks (2013)


Ian Sparks (Chase Williamson) has never felt normal. But he has always had a strong sense of justice. After his parents die, Ian takes on the mantle of Sparks, and becomes a masked vigilante hell bent on ridding the city of crime. However it will come at a price. As sometimes it turns out that the hunter is actually the hunted, something the leading villains of the city will make Ian Sparks all too aware of.


However Sparks is not alone in his battle against the scum of the city. He teams up with Lady Heavenly (Ashley Bell), another masked vigilante that has her own reasons for wanting to rid the city of evil. Sparks also has a guardian angel called Archer (Clancy Brown), who has been watching Sparks for years, waiting for the right time to come out and show Sparks his true potential. All culminating in a brutal and bloody battle for the soul of the city.


You know I was pleasantly surprised with this one, and that’s the truth. I had heard nothing about the film, but I loved Chase Williamson in John Dies At The End and I’ve always been a fan of Clancy Brown who is a great character actor, so was eager to see how they fare here. I must say they do very well. The film as a noir-ish feel to it, very reminiscent of Sin City. The violence is bone crunching and the script a lot better than most of the rubbish that gets sent straight to DVD.


The supporting cast of Jake Busey, William Katt and Clint Howard also play their parts really well. The camera work can be a little off at times and the blue screen effects do feel a little weak, but for something that was done on a relatively low budget, it really isn’t that bad. I would say it’s well worth a watch.




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