The Field (1990)


Bull McCabe (Richard Harris) has worked the field all his life. His family have toiled over the field for many years, turning it from a rock filled piece of uneven land, to the lush green field Bull and his son Tadgh (Sean Bean) work in now. However Bull doesn’t own the field, he only rents it from a lonely widow (Frances Tomelty) who is the true owner.


When the widow decides to sell the field via a public auction, Bull knows that nobody in the village would even dare bid against him. Even though the widow owns the field, everyone believes it’s Bull that should be the owner. However when an American called Peter (Tom Berenger) comes to to town he decides to bid against Bull for the field, as he needs the land to build a highway through. The American doesn’t know the customs or the towns history, so has no idea of the mess he is walking into in bidding against Bull.


When the American beats Bull in bidding for the field he kick starts a battle of wills between him and Bull. Bull and Tadgh go to visit the American to explain the situation of the field, and how Bull has worked it all his life. However things go horribly wrong and secrets of Bull’s past are pulled to the fore.


I adore this movie. It is amazingly scenic for starters. The camera drains the landscape of colour, yet it still looks beautiful. The story is compelling. Richard Harris is absolutely mesmerising as Bull. His passion for the field brings out the worst in him and you see the fear he holds over his family and the people in the village. The supporting cast are great too. Sean Bean does the best with the role he has as Tadgh. John Hurt is fantastic as the weasel faced Bird O’Donnell, hopping about the screen. Brenda Fricker is always brilliant, even in the small role here as Bull’s wife Maggie. Tom Berenger is also great as the American who kicks a hornets nest when he bids for the field. This really is a fantastic film. If you are looking for some compelling drama, from one of the best actors that ever lived, then give this a watch. I know you’ll like it.




2 thoughts on “The Field (1990)

  1. Depressing movie, but very good. Acting was certainly first-class! I never thought a movie about the field and what happens to it can be so powerful. Definitely worth watching!

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