Demons 2 (1986)


I do enjoy watching these movies, however I don’t find them scary at all. I find myself laughing throughout most of it as the acting is very OTT in places. Things kick off here as a girl called Sally (Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni) is having a birthday party. However she storms off into her bedroom when she finds out a person is attending that she doesn’t want coming. At the same time there is a program on the television showing four people making a documentary. The four are being filmed entering a cordoned off part of the city that was infested with demons from the first movie. They inadvertently resurrect a dead demon which attacks them and chases them off. The demon returns to where the camera that’s filming the documentary is and begins to walk towards it. Sally is watching the program and realises that the demon is looking at her. The demon comes through the television and possesses her which causes her to attack others.


There are others in the building that are slowly taken over, while a group barricade themselves in the parking garage, led by the bad ass Hank (Bobby Rhodes). Hank helps the others block the doors then arms himself with a double barrelled shotgun, preparing everyone for the onslaught of demons. The only ones you give a shit about are Hank and the pregnant lady and her boyfriend. Everyone else makes themselves expendable and unsympathetic because of how fucking useless they are.


This is not as gory as the first Demons movie, and to be fair, not as good either. Bobby Rhodes kicks ass again. He throws himself into the role and seems to be the only one capable of handling themselves. The effects are great in places, and laughable in others, particularly during Sally’s transformation. The little demon thing that shows up later in the movie is hilarious. It looks like Gordon the Gopher on acid, (only certain people will get that reference).


There are some atmospheric scenes, like the one pictured above, and the soundtrack is as kick ass as the first movies. There are some hilariously bad deaths and unintentionally funny scenes. I don’t rate it as highly as the first, not by a long shot, but it’s still fairly watchable. Definitely a movie to watch with mates for a laugh.




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