Society (1989)

Society was made at the very tail end of the 80’s. Words cannot describe the insanity of this film, and the picture accompanying this review should go some way to giving you an indication of what this film entails. It begins tame enough and follows this vein for a good hour.
Bill Whitney (played by Billy Warlock of Baywatch fame) is a normal teenage boy. He is from a rich Beverly Hills family and life is seemingly okay. Yet Bill has never really felt apart of his family. He feels like he is not the same as them, and expresses these concerns to his psychiatrist who tells him it’s normal teenage angst. To say any more would spoil the utter insanity contained in the final 30mins of this movie. It takes a lot to shock me and let me stress this….this film REALLY shocked me.If you’re squeamish then steer well clear, however if you’re a fan of Cronenberg style body horror then jump right in. The film has a few things going against it though.
For starters it feels very dated. The script is atrocious at times and the supporting cast are also not the best. Billy Warlock has never been leading man material, though does hold his own here. The SFX done by Screaming Mad George are nothing short of astonishing. They’re gloopy, slippery and very slimy.
society 3

It’s well worth a watch, and is due for a blu ray release from Second Sight Films in 2014. But I repeat my earlier warning, if you’re squeamish then give this film a wide, wide berth.


3 thoughts on “Society (1989)

  1. Great review! I had a similar reaction: it is a shocking movie with great make-up effects. I would disagree about the acting though, I think that it was stiffy at times on purpose, to emphasize falseness of these people. I came across your blog because I also wrote about “Society.” I must say the variety of movies you review is impressive. Following your blog!

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