John Dies At The End (2012)

Well here it is people, my JDATE review as promised. This film is a strange beast indeed. It’s directed by the brilliant Don Coscarelli (of Phantasm & Bubba Ho-Tep fame). It starts off in a strange dreamlike fashion and pretty much pulls you every which way but loose for the duration. The cast is brilliant. Paul Giamatti is always a joy to watch, as is Clancy Brown. Doug Jones (Hellboy’s Abe Sapien) is also brilliant in a strange, kooky role. The hero Dave (not John, that’s his pal) is impressive in the starring role, considering the guy hasn’t made many films.

I won’t even attempt to explain the plot, other than it is all kicked off by a mysterious drug called ‘Soy Sauce’ which does strange, strange things to those that take it. If you like your movies generic and simple then give this a swerve, however if you’re more open minded and like to have your brain fried on occasion then you’ll find lots to love here. There are so many crazy points in the film that I found myself chuckling quite a few times.


The author of the book that this film is based on has written a second book called ‘This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Don’t Touch It’. Now if it’s as good as this movie then I seriously hope Don Coscarelli directs the sequel and brings back Dave and John for another crazy adventure.


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