Beware: Children At Play (1989)


Ok before I start let me just say that I didn’t totally hate this movie. Now the reason for that is because it’s a Troma movie. Those that know Troma, know that you cannot berate it for bad acting, hammy script or anything else you find wrong with it. The reason being is because that’s part of Troma’s charm. These films are made on a tight budget….and I mean TIGHT, so they need to become inventive when comes to FX and other things. The reason I dig Troma movies is because despite this handicap of sorts, they do everything with such gusto, and such infectious enthusiasm that it’s hard not to get swept up in it all and enjoy the ride. I will say this though, if you’re easily offended then don’t bother watching Troma movies as you will not like them…at all. Those with a more open mind or love of trashy movies will enjoy it immensely.


The story of this movie involves children going missing in a small town. A writer who arrives at the town teams up with the sheriff who is an old friend of his to find out what is actually going on. Needless to say blood flows, (well it is a Troma movie), and there is also the odd bit of nudity too. It transpires that the kids in the town are being brainwashed into becoming cannibals. To say any more would spoil the fun. If you can’t get hold of the DVD then never fear. Just go to YouTube and access Troma’s page where you can watch the whole movie for free.

Hell, how do you think I got to see it?




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