Sightseers (2012)


Dear oh dear. It must be me but the director Ben Wheatley is shockingly overrated. Both Down Terrace and Kill List are terrible and this follows that trend. I understand that not many people feel that way. Anyway the review.

sightseers 2012 movie pic

Well the film tells the story of Tina (Alice Lowe) who is under the thumb of her over bearing, attention seeking mother, who is making Tina feel guilty after the death of their dog Poppy. Tina has met Chris (played by Steve Oram) and the two are going on a trip around the UK, visiting various tourist attractions, whilst stopping off with their caravan periodically. Chris however has anger issues, and after an unfortunate “accident” with a obnoxious member of the public, things take a turn for the sinister. Chris begins to bump off those who begin to irk him, slowly bringing Tina into proceedings.

sightseers 1

The film tries to play it for dark laughs, but I felt it didn’t get the balance at all right and ended up being something like Fred & Rosemary West’s home videos. Not for me. I just couldn’t get to grips with it. I normally really like black comedies, but something just didn’t sit right for me on this one. Like I said above, I really don’t rate Ben Wheatley. I realise I may be one of a select few, but it needs saying.




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