The Initiation (1984)


The Initiation was released in the later half of 1984. It was released when video stores were stuffed to the gills with cheap slasher movies and various knock-offs. The plot revolves around a young girl called Kelly, who keeps having a reoccurring nightmare about her father being stabbed and a mysterious burning man. She speaks to her teacher about it who tries to help her decipher it’s meaning.


Also at this time Kelly is due to undergo an initiation ceremony to become a member of her fraternity. The ceremony involves breaking into her father’s department store and stealing a uniform. Needless to say it doesn’t go smoothly, leaving Kelly and her friends at the mercy of a mysterious killer.


The plot concerns other titbits including the above, but to say any more would spoil it. In terms of slasher movies it actually has a better plot than most. There are some neat little twists, and not everything is as it first appears. The ending is handled a little cackhandedly, and I found the acting of some to be a tad cringeworthy, but overall it’s perfect friday night entertainment.


The only extras on the DVD are a theatrical trailer. The copy of The Initiation was graciously provided by the kind folks over at You can order your copy from right now.




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