The Car (1977)


“What evil drives the car?” That’s the question posed by this brilliantly cult movie from 1977. Starring James Brolin (who is a dead ringer for Christian Bale) as a small town police officer having to deal with the jet black car that is cutting a swathe through his small town. That’s pretty much the plot too, to say any more would spoil it. The car’s origin is never really touched on, it just appears. Saying that there is a quote at the beginning from famous Satanist Anton LaVey, which I assumed hinted at the car’s origin. The car is a mean looking beast too. The roof is pressed down a third, no handles on the doors and the engine sounds like a thousand lions roaring. I had never heard of The Car until Arrow Films announced it’s upcoming release some months back. It really is the sort of perfect friday night popcorn shocker, and it’s not too violent should the younger folks decide to watch it.


The picture transfer is immaculate, as is the sound. The display is crisp, given that this film is 36yrs old. The sound is amazing too, practically vibrating the TV any time the car is thundering along. The extras are quite good too. There is a commentary by director Elliot Silverstein which is moderated by Callum Waddell, an interview with SFX artist William Aldridge who recalls his time on the set and the building of the car. There’s an interview with actor John Rubenstein recalling becoming a victim of The Car, and an original trailer with commentary by John Landis. There’s also an easter egg which I wasn’t clever enough to find.


I can say that The Car is well worth the watch. The acting is quite good for a film some may consider not James Brolin’s best work. Everyone seems to be giving it their all and there are some inventive stunts and death scenes.


This copy of The Car was graciously provided by the fine folks over at The Car is already available for purchase and you can pick up your very own copy over at




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