Shall we begin?

Well the road starts here folks. I’m a massive movie fan. I consume films of every kind. I don’t pretend to know it all, and what I don’t know I look up. I love to introduce folks to new film experiences and in turn get recommendations from them. So that’s what has brought me here today. The first real step in communicating with the movie world. As we progress, for what I hope will be a long journey, I shall share many things with you. I shall post film news, reviews of old and new titles. I shall post reviews of film memorabilia, be it posters, toys or anything else I get my hands on. I am excited as I write this. Excited to venture into the great unknown of movie fans. Because let’s face it we are a passionate bunch, and we are prone to the hissy fit once in a while. We don’t always agree on what we like, but that’s what makes it great. Discussions lead to new experiences, and those of us more open minded will venture forth and discover films which will open our eyes to a world that we never knew existed. There are many films I haven’t seen, but I am excited to go seek them out. I hope you’ll join me.

Your film friend.


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